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Denna Alece dom | May 7th, 2024
Approximate Rating: PG-13
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Logline: A mixed media documentary following three all-star players of the RIT Division 1 Men’s Hockey Team, and how the unique hockey fan culture impacts their lives both as students and as players.
A mixed media documentary focusing on three players of the RIT Division 1 Men’s Hockey Team, and how the school's unique hockey fan culture affects their student athlete experience. Following along the season, these players have entire lives both on the ice and off, impacted by the social lives they have here at RIT. RIT Corner Crew members and other teammates are asked how they perceive the team members, showcasing how people with different vantage points of these players can see and hold these people to different standards or ideals. With animated footage overlaid on gameplay, visualizing the film and showing what it means to be on a team, the documentary presses on the reality of being a D1 athlete in college.


  • Denna Alece Dom - Director & Animation
  • Michelle Snow - Producer
  • Zelig Goodman-Hoffman - Director of Photography
  • Isaac Salem - Director of Photography
  • Cassie Cooper - Editor
  • Seth Robinson - Assistant Editor
  • Olivia Wilson-Luffman - Sound Mixer
  • Ryan Wellence - Color Correction
  • Andrew Ragan - Composer
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